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Project Description
HeinanOS is an operating system developed mainly in C++, and recently we started using C# using the MOSA platform.

Note to all users:

A few weeks ago, I started re-writing the HeinanOS code from the ground up.

The results are very impressive, and screenshots are available in the BetaArchive forum topic.

I plan on releasing the new build featuring the latest changes in the code, namely HeinanOS 0.1 "Marco", during the coming hours.


Stay tuned!


How to test HeinanOS builds?

-Download a software called Virtual Box
-Create a new virtual machine
-Set it as Other/Unknown operating system
-Add the image you downloaded in the CD/DVD tab
-Restart the virtual machine
-Enjoy HeinanOS! :-)


If you liked HeinanOS, and would like to contribute to it, please consider donating money to my PayPal account:

Thank you very much!

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